Use the calendar to the right to visually calculate the shipping / service time. You must select the date we will receive the cards (estimate time). Service days will begin after we have received your cards.

Calendar Legend:

Dark Blue: The day that MNT Grading has received your cards. 

Light Blue: Service Days

Green: Cards shipped out

Please note: Holidays do not count as business days.

*Due to the recent demand and COVID-19 regulations, we are currently experiencing delays of 2-5 weeks on all services*

  • 2 Day Service - Priority
  • 6 Day Service - Priority
  • 30 Day Service
  • 90 Day Service

* Extra costs for insurance coverage for amounts over $100 as requested by the customer

*All Services are plus applicable taxes for Canada

*All Services are in Business Days

Additional Services

*Re-Slabbing – cards must be from MNT Grading and can’t be completely opened as we can’t verify the card is the same or the grades; at which point the card must be graded and normal service fees will apply

*Labelling – this is for personalized labels  (i.e. Happy Birthday, Congratulations, etc.) and is pending approval